Hawaiian Islands

Oahu and the Big Island

Locals don’t say “Hang Loose” for nothing. It’s so easy to loosen up when the beach and palm trees are so close by. Some wear slippers to work. I went straight to the beach right after work. It was almost like going on vacation at the end of each workday. When walking to work, you can have vacation on your mind until you walk through the front door. Everyone is relaxed and in a good mood, except for anyone from NY, even after many years, still uptight.



Land Flowing with the Best Chocolate

Bern, Dielsdorf, Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Neuchatel, Thun

While on the train, there are many captivating views of small towns between Neuchâtel, Zürich, Dielsdorf, Bern, Basel and or Geneva developed on the hillside or right along the lake. While walking through the old towns, one can spot the dominant clock tower amongst the rest of the buildings. Historic architecture is well preserved and there are places on top of the hill with panoramic views.