Lush Greenery in Uganda

Jinja, Uganda, Africa

Jinja, Uganda is very green and along the shore of the Victoria Nile even more. The soil is very rich with red clay and along the street, one can find piles of clay with a stack of hay in the middle with a fire burning to harden the brick.

Mukono was the destination for missionary work that involved designing a clinic for the elderly. We arrived in Kampala, then drove to Mukono shortly after. The landscape was mostly covered in greenery and in-between, rich red soil, perfect for brick. It was difficult to sleep that first night. The mattress was very crinkly, reminding me of old backyard furniture wrapped in plastic. I was up all night and as soon as I saw daylight coming through the window, I walked out to the front of the house and saw layers of landscape in hues of purple.


Pedestrian Haven

Paris, France

The study-abroad semester started in Paris, mostly walking around to different areas from the old Paris to the modern. Many of the buildings are filled with reliefs that altogether bring about a dramatic feel. The city is never dark as the buildings are lit up and the Eiffel Tower sparkles with blinking lights that change motion and or color. As boats with lit decks filled with tourists pass underneath the bridge, locals watch from above while enjoying wine and cheese. One can catch an amazing view of Paris from the rooftop of the Arab World Institute or the Sacré-Cœur.

Canada Aye?

My stay in Calgary was for a short span of time, summer mainly, to volunteer at a non-profit organization that performed engineering and architectural services for impoverished communities around the world. I was placed in a home located in the hills of Calgary, close to slides that were used in the 88′ Olympics. It was a lovely neighborhood full of greenery and plants, good for short hikes with views of the river and downtown Calgary. Toronto was an even shorter trip, a span of two weeks, mainly to visit a friend from college. Touring was mostly done by foot, except for the drive to Niagara Falls.