Liberal versus Conservative

If you watch different news sources, like MSNBC, CNN, Fox News or other, you’ll notice there’s a steering of perspective, a bias created on each story told, focusing on specific details to fulfill a specific agenda that would influence or steer the opinion or thoughts of the viewer. This is not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about Liberal verses Conservative or sometimes called Left versus Right.

If you watch CNN & MSNBC on politics, their narrative on any story favors the liberalism, while FOX NEWS favors conservatism. Republicans are more known as conservatives, while Democrats are more known as liberals, but not to focus on the Party, but the values that liberal and conservatives hold.

Liberals are more progressive with the law, they want to change the foundations of this country, while conservatives value our constitution. God is used in our pledge of allegiance, our coins, and other founding documents. The belief in God is a part of the foundation of this country, as we’ve heard or seen many times, “God Bless America,” or “In God We Trust.” Conservatives would keep this, while Liberals want to abolish it. Liberals supported statues being torn down, while Conservatives emphasized the fact that it’s a part of the history of this nation. History should never be erased, as it can serve as a reminder of the mistakes we’ve made in the past.

Liberals support aborting, or in other words, killing a baby in the womb right before it’s born, while conservatives would not allow it & move towards defunding abortion industries. Currently a part of our tax payer dollars are going towards abortions.

Liberalism is prominent in California as the state now allow tax payers money to go toward the sex change of little children. They’ve reduced the penalty for pedophiles and made child molestation okay if the 15 or older child allows it. Kids at that age, can’t vote, they don’t make big decisions for themselves, that’s their parents job. This is what happens when you have a liberal leader.

Although liberal sounds like a word for freedom, the Liberals want to create socialist society where government controls the people. They will start by scaring the hell out of everyone. This is what Liberal MSNBC is doing, force them to isolate at home in fear. Fear plays a crucial role when it comes to control. Then no one will want to go out and business will continue to collapse. People will keep loosing their jobs and get on welfare and government healthcare. This way people will be dependent on the government and will be in perfect position to be controlled. With the government controlling the healthcare system, they can mandate everyone receive a chip in their body, which would allow for more control, tracking, and invasion of privacy. Contact tracing is actually an invasion of privacy, which Harris believes in and will want to implement. It involves people by surprise going to your home, placing a lock on your ankle should you be exposed to COVID or contagious that will allow them to track your every step.

On the other hand, the conservatives want to open up the economy, prevent people from living in fear and put drugs out there that can fight Covid. This will allow our economy to bounce back, bring back jobs, and allow people to not be dependent on the government. Conservatives want to keep private health-care, also have healthcare for those that are not working.

Lastly, the liberals want to take more taxes from large companies that are already paying so much money in taxes. The result is common sense. Business have to make a profit. They also need workers, but if it’s too expensive for them to stay here b/c they’re being taxed like crazy, they will leave for another country and we will loose so many jobs. Allowing companies to keep most of their earnings usually means more jobs, more people working, making money and spending. This is what drives our economy.

The Liberals want to focus on the climate, which is important, but their pathetic Green New Deal involves banning airplanes, getting rid of cows , tearing down and rebuilding buildings. It will cost trillions of dollars, which will increase our taxes. Next to no thought put into it for a real strategy. We need to keep our planes, we just need to find innovative solutions to reduce toxic emissions.

The last one I want to mention here and the most radical is that Liberals want to abolish the police. This is anarchy. There are anarchists burning and looting businesses that think they’re helping the country, they bring shields and guns to the streets and shoot cops. Madness! Conservatives are more for law and order so that the citizens that live in these areas are feel safe and protected.

So to lay it out more clearly, Biden & Harris are Liberal, while Trump and Pence are Conservative. I encourage everyone that is able to vote, to check the sources, not just CNN, MSNBC or ABC, but other sources out there. Watch the Republican and Democratic Convention 2020 videos and do a comparison & remember, actions speak louder than words. Being politically correct is not going to save our country, but hearty values, words put into actions, brilliance and great leadership.