Foreshadowing of Dreams

I had a dream a few weeks back. It was one of those dreams that was vivid. The clarity was like I was really there. I was riding in my sisters SUV, either passengers side or the seat right behind. We were driving through winding roads. The car was very close to the edge on the right side of the road. Beyond that, a very steep drop. Trees covers most of the side of the mountain. At a point we were going very slow and again, I looked outside the window and looked down at the valley very far down from the car. I could see the water below us. It was crystal clear. I could see the colorful rocks underneath the water. In that moment, we lost my dog. When woke up and saw my dog in the morning, I felt relieved and thankful that she was still there, cute as ever.

Few weeks after I had that dream, I find myself riding in my sisters SUV on winding roads, trees all around on a steep hillside. We were driving to Yosemite. I sat behind the passengers seat and to the right side of me, I look down, very close to the edge of the road, I see an extremely steep drop. We were about 3000ft above sea level and I can see the valley, streams and a lake as we move along.

When we arrived to Yosemite, we walked straight to the river. I sat on a rock surrounded by crystal clear water, while dipping my feet in to feel refreshed. The rocks were colorful. The river was shallow and the rocks beneath can be clearly seen. At that moment, I received bad news, like in my dream, I lost my dog. In reality, my dog had passed away.

Sometimes it seems as though God forewarns of future events in a dream or a still voice inside as a preparation for the future. Although painful, sometimes heartbreak can bring us closer to God. When life is a party, God is forgotten, but in the hard times, we draw near to Him. God is close to the brokenhearted and as the tears fall, I feel myself drawing close to Him once again.

Psalm 34:18 KJV
[18] The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saves such as be of a contrite spirit.