Fleet Week

San Francisco, California

It was a tradition in my family to go to fleet week and watch the Blue Angels from the U.S. Navy. My Dad was in the Navy so he has tremendous support for them. He spent much time on a aircraft carrier ship. Although at times we couldn’t see the planes, the sound of them breaking the air was enough to get us excited. Somehow my sister and I came up with a tradition of doing things or going to places that bring back memories so birthdays started to be times of reminiscing.

We went to San Francisco to see Fleet Week. This brought us back to the time when we were little kids sitting and watching with our parents and brother. This time, we decided to watch Fleet Week in the middle of the bay on the San Francisco Belle. A few times the planes flew right over us. We couldn’t leave San Francisco without going to Over the Moon creamery, which has the creamiest ice-cream and for the first time, my sister tried House of Prime Rib, the best prime rib ever and it was worth the almost two hour wait to sit at the bar, at least for my sister. I had a headache from hunger so I didn’t eat much.