Unhealthy Vegetarian Ways

fake meat

Vegetarian sounds healthy and in many ways it is, but when it comes to fake meat, it becomes very unhealthy. I remember looking at the back of package of fake cheese and seeing all the chemicals used to make it taste like cheese. For those that are lactose-intolerant, I get it, but if you’re eating fake cheese to be vegan, your eating unhealthy and better off eating the real thing.

After reading several health related books written by doctors who believe in the science of food and how it heals our body, the worst thing to do it eat food that’s not real food. For example, the package of “beyond meat” typically used on impossible burgers contains ingredients that doesn’t belong in the body. It contains highly processed ingredients with the addition of chemical preservatives or what makes it bind together to act as a patty. Our bodies are created to receive and use nutrients from food. The more processed the food, the less nutrients and the more preservatives, the longer it will store up in our bodies.

When food is closest to its raw form, the more nutrients it contains and if the body is using the nutrients, the less of it gets stored. Eating food with chemicals will damage it in different areas. If you’re vegetarian to be healthy, you might want to stay away from the fake stuff. Not too mention there are nutrients that our body needs that is mainly found in meat, which brings up the importance of feeding the body with natural food from all food groups.


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