Raising a Generation of Snowflakes

The First Amendment text reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Our first amendment constitutional rights are being taken away from us. How did we get from the Freedom of Speech to censorship? Laws are being passed that prevent us from saying or asking certain words that may offend others. Why is it our job to make sure certain people don’t get offended? Some are being censored because something said was taken out of context. It seems, the government, big-tech and the mainstream media believe that they need to think for us. How did we raise a generation that doesn’t seek truth, but believes what the majority of society tells them?

Certain conservatives are being censored, canceled and demonetized by giant tech companies, having published true stories. One being NTD news, one of the only that showed live videos of many witness to voter fraud. What’s even more terrible is the fact that mainstream media channels like MSNBC are putting out false news trying to make people believe that Biden will bring a more booming economy than Trump, which is nothing but a lie. Look at the stock market, almost all industry sectors have been going down his first week in office. For a President to be so quick to sign 30 executive orders his first three days, it sounds like he’s fulfilling his promises from the green notes. The orders he’s passing, it almost sounds like he wants to hurt this country on purpose. But the mainstream media is making it sound like Biden is doing such a great job. So sad that so many people are being lied to, only to find out the truth later when his poor decisions finally manifest.

Orders are being passed that will prevent us from asking or speaking our mind, we now have to watch what we say to make sure no one is offended. People will get offended no matter how hard you try not to offend, there are just sensitive areas that bring out emotions. Someone’s sensitivity should not turn into another’s responsibility. If someone says something rude about your gender or race, defend yourself with words, not with violence, then shrug it off. It’s not our job to change someone’s opinion. If a biological man believes he’s a woman, why is it our responsibility to support denial? Having heard several stories already from several men struggling with their gender identity or homosexuality, they’ve discovered a connection of their lifestyle with having either no or a horrible relationship with their Father, but when finally loved and accepted, healing came.

Our modern society is no longer about healing, truth and finding the root of a problem. Our solution is to not face it, to deny and censor anyone or thing that would bring focus and attention to it. We come up with words to define and normalize it, following prescriptive drugs. No one wants to dig deep. People have become immune to pain. When words or memories resurface, society is not allowed to speak about it. Our society needs healing. Some of us have come from crazy upbringings and are mentally and emotionally messed up, we don’t even know what healing is.

Although protecting someone’s feelings from getting hurt sounds like a good act, in the long run, we’re adjusting to never facing the fear or the truth. The command of leadership trying to dictate our actions, keeps us frozen, allowing our minds to be controlled and believing that we don’t know what’s best for ourself.

Walking without knowing where to find truth is like walking in the dark with a blindfold trying to find the light switch. Jesus is the light of the world and sheds light on the truth. The Bible reveals the truth about life, our purpose on earth, the imperfections of humanity, the make up inside of all of us that keeps us stumbling ever in need of a savior. Having pride, most want to exalt human kind and deny the Creator. Who knows us better than ourselves than the one who created us?


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