Northern California has much to offer. Some enjoy visiting the headquarters of huge tech companies, but beyond buildings and corporations, there are beautiful sites to see. One can watch the sunset at the beach with a warm jacket or drive up and down the coast to Big Sur or Sea Ranch.



Tennessee, USA

One of the first things I noticed on the streets of Nashville were the party bikes with a center bar. While walking through Broadway at night, we passed by many bars with live music, mostly country, from artists trying to get themselves recognized. We were at the top of a double-Decker bus and the tour guide asked us, “What is the largest industry is in Nashville?” I guessed music because of all the country music artists that come from Nashville, but I was wrong, the correct answer is healthcare.


Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful place with many wild animals. The last time I was at a picnic in the woods, I saw a huge grizzly bear digging through a garbage dumpster.



There’s a big expanse of land with a small population. It’s one of the biggest states and one of the least populated. Wherever we drove, there was no traffic. Whenever we went to the grocery store, there was no more than three people in line, most of the time, not even one person.

When floating down the river, we saw people fly fishing, birds feeding their young, deer and schools of fish. I’ve never felt so close to nature floating down that river, not one building, power pole or any man-made structure in sight, just nature.

The Capital

Washington D.C., Maryland, U.S.A.

There is power in air in D.C. I was sent by work to attend a conference. In between sessions I visited the monuments. I noticed the pool of water in front of the Lincoln Memorial was a breeding ground for mosquitoes as I kept being bitten while walking towards the monument.

Hawaiian Islands

Oahu and the Big Island

Locals don’t say “Hang Loose” for nothing. It’s so easy to loosen up when the beach and palm trees are so close by. Some wear slippers to work. I went straight to the beach right after work. It was almost like going on vacation at the end of each workday. When walking to work, you can have vacation on your mind until you walk through the front door. Everyone is relaxed and in a good mood, except for anyone from NY, even after many years, still uptight.


Illinois, USA

Chicago has a rich culture in architecture, which is why I chose to study there. From the studio, I could see the tallest buildings in downtown Chicago and when hungry, I could walk to Greek-town for a spanakopita or little Italy for pasta. There’s so much to see in downtown Chicago and it’s easy to walk around or find your way just by walking along the canal or Grant park.