Place for Friends

  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends
  • Place for Friends

This is a remake of an academic project, purely conceptual. The objective was to design a place in which friends would congregate. The design stems from the book of acts, chapter 2 in the bible in which the disciples of Jesus gathered together in a place.

Most of society thinks that church is a building in which religious people congregate, yet according to the bible, in the new testament, church was held in various homes. There was not just one place where Jesus and his disciples met.

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20

Per what is in the bible, church is where God’s presence resides and where believers gathered together for the purpose to worship, hear the word of God, fellowship, pray and sometimes, eat and drink.

I wanted to emphasize the idea of gathering in fellowship for the Lord. You can watch a movie with friends or play games, but there’s nothing greater than gathering together with others to worship the Lord and pray together.

There’s a significance with the number three in the bible: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, also known as the trinity. Thus, the triangle represents the significance of the Trinity with its three sides. The step down at the center is a space for people to sit around in a circle and in the front-center is a fire place to create warmth. Walls are set on the outside around the space to block view of the inside of the space at certain angles, yet looking straight forward would allow for complete visibility. A skylight sits directly above the circle, letting in sunlight during the daytime and displaying the stars and moon at night.


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