Acrylic paint on the back of a banner
24″ x 48″ Banner

Art Guild of the Delta in collaboration with the City of Brentwood puts together an event called BannerUp, which gives local artists an opportunity to display their artwork on a banner which will be displayed throughout the summer in the old downtown streets of Brentwood. In September, the banners are taken down and auctioned off. Visit ADG’s website for more information.

Before the Banner up event, I had a vision of a drowning man being lifted up out of the waters by Jesus. Sometimes in life, we may feel like we’re drowning and it’s hard to keep our head above the water. We may end up giving up and accepting the fact that we’re going to drown, but as soon as we surrender and reach out to God, he pulls us up out of the water. God’s redeeming love can take us out of the deepest and darkest depths.

Original Banner Sold at Live Auction


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