Isolation and Fear or Face Death

We’ve been sheltering-in-place around the globe and it’s been intended to prevent the spread to those most vulnerable, but even those that may not seem vulnerable have died. I value the precautions and attempt to control the spread, but how long can we hide from a virus that can potentially kill us?

There are people that want to prevent the world from opening because of fear that it will spread further, but not all of us want to live in fear. Some, even much older, maybe in their 70’s are going out to parks and walking around. People should have a choice. Open up society, all the business, offices and parks, etc. and let those that are too afraid to go out, stay at home. For precautions, wear a mask in public places, but live life outside the house.

People need people and I can’t imagine those that live alone. How hard it must be. We need community, a virtual meeting is not enough than being around others. Isolation leads to loneliness and sometime can lead to suicide. Yes, isolation slows down the spread, but we can’t live in fear forever. There may be a second wave so eventually, we will need to face potential death.

Two big questions:

  1. Are you healthy enough to fight covid-19?
  2. Are you ready to die?


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