Happy Mother’s Day in Spirit

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Happy Mother’s to my Mom who passed away almost 3 years ago. She was not only my Mom, but my best friend. I loved spending time with her, even if she drove me crazy sometimes.

Her laugh, smile and voice was infectious, most especially, some of the phrases that came out of her mouth. Most of the crazy sayings was when she was mad, but my favorite of all was when a lady came to our house selling carpet stain remover. We had a lot of stains on our carpet so the sales lady kept on going from stain to stain showing how powerful the cleaner was. My Mom wanted her to leave, but instead of just telling her, she gave the lady an explanation of why. It was that time of the month for her. She came out from the family room into the living room hunched over while scratching her behind saying, “Please leave, I’m bleeding.” I’ll never forget the look on the sales lady’s face, but that got her out of the house quickly. Till this day, my sister and cousins continue her legacy of funny sayings. It’s no wonder I enjoyed spending time with her.

She passed away suddenly, weeks after finding out she had stage 4 cancer. It was the most heartbreaking experience in my life. I pleaded with God to spare her, but after wailing and screaming in tears, I came to the end of the road where I had only one healthy choice to make to get through it and that was to fully trust God. Knowing that my Mom loved the Lord and knew Him, my heart can rest in assurance that one day, when I leave my fleshly body and meet Jesus, I will once again see her.

I love you and miss you Mom & I know that you will receive this message from my heart. Until we meet again.


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