On the Bright side of things

snow covered mountain during sunrise
Photo by Sagui Andrea on Pexels.com

Still the news is filled with people dying or infected by the virus. Seems the focus is always on someone getting infected or someone dying, almost like we’re supposed to believe that if someone is infected, they will die, but that’s not the case, still most people that get Covid end up recovering and most can recover at home.

Yes, this whole covid thing and people dying is very sorrowful, but sometimes good things come out of bad situations. Families that were too busy to spend quality time together finally had the opportunity. Yes, work is very important, but strip a person of everything and all you’re left with is a companion. In times of forced isolation, it becomes evident how valuable it is to have a companion, weather your spouse, sibling, parent, friend or pet, we need people. This has been a time to slow down from the hustle and bustle of life, to sit, relax, enjoy the company of loved ones and ponder life.


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