End Times Chaos

Photo by LT Chan on Pexels.com

Thinking and seeing all the chaos in the streets brings me back to dreams that I’ve had in the past that seem to be very similar. In my dream there’s chaos in the streets, people running around every where in panic. The streets are filthy, trash everywhere. It’s dark with the only source of light being the street lamps. People are screaming and running for safety and I find myself in the midst of all this.

My heart is pumping hard and I’m running from something after me that means harm. I’m running up stairs, up to rooftops and jumping from the top of one building to the next. As I continue to jump, I realize how long I’m able to stay in the air, in fact, I am able to fly. My vision is now far above the streets, as a bird looks down from the sky and I can see the crowds running in fear.

As I fly further away from the chaos, I find a tree, hide and rest. With a big breath of relief, I sigh. Shortly after I’d wake up and thank God it was just a dream. For all the times I had that dream, I would wake up thanking God that it wasn’t real, but these recent days with the riots and looting, that nightmare doesn’t seem too far away. Another thought after waking up from the nightmare, would be the thought of those events occurring in the last days as it is written in the Bible, that maybe it’s coming close.


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