Paths of Life

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Born so innocent without a clue of what’s out there that can damage you. Then as time passes and the aging continues, life throws many surprises at you. As you try to follow the right path, you are steered in the wrong direction through temptation, pressure, force or simply…deceit. After walking in the darkness for so long, you loose your way, you begin to forget about who you are. The media becomes your compass along with the majority of the crowd, mostly negative, and when you realize that you’re not at the mark of society, you feel like you’ve failed, desperately seeking justification or approval from external factors or the words of others. Now, you are more deeply lost.

That dark long road was wrong after all and it’s too hard to turn around and go back.

Look to the light that shines in the darkness. As long as you’re not in hell, that light is around, waiting for you to turn around and surrender your will.

It’s hard to surrender when you still think you can save yourself, but the most powerful thing, is surrendering to the one that loves you so much that He died for you. He took all the despair and grief in exchange for you to have hope and joy.

He’s there…all you have to do is surrender, place all of it at the feet of Jesus. He will carrying you out of the darkness and into the light…the right path, full of purpose, peace, joy, strength, forgiveness and love.


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