The Office Ghost

Photo by Nick Bondarev on

When I was at that age of having friend sleep overs, we would sleep in the living room with our sleeping bags and tell each over ghost stories. We had a thick book of ghost stories at home to read from. No one really believed in ghosts, we just like to believe for the moment only to feel the thrill of getting scared.

Years later when I was almost out of my teen years, I worked for a small marketing company. On a typical day, I worked by myself in the office. The suite was upstairs so anyone coming in would have to walk upstairs. There was no elevator or other way in. A few people would come in everyday, typically someone delivering a package or a DJ picking up records. Every time someone opened up the door downstairs, I would hear the bells hanging from the door handle swing back and forth.

My desk was out in the open office area, while the main boss’s office had a full height wall with a door that can fully separate his office from the rest of the space. The door to his office faced out to the top of the stairs and beside the door was a full height window with blinds that were always turned open.

On a typical day of being in the office by myself, I was making marketing packages in my boss’s office. It was near the end of the day and the last person expected to come to the office had just left. I continued making marketing materials in my boss’s office sitting in front of his couch, faced out towards the door into his office, which was wide open. As I looked out past the door to the top of the stairs, all of a sudden a dark shadow shaped as a silhouette of a person passed by in front of the door. It happened so fast. I couldn’t think fast enough to figure out what it was before I already got chills. I new at that instant that it was a ghost. I knew there wasn’t anyone in the office.

Right after seeing the ghost and getting goosebumps, I stood up to look through the window and couldn’t see anything, then I stepped out of my boss’s office and walked around the office to make sure no one was in the office. I even checked the bathroom and still, no one. I wasn’t so scared. Just thinking about it, it almost seemed like the ghost in the silhouette of a tall and big man, did not want to be seen, almost like when he passed by, he was hoping I wouldn’t see him. It wasn’t what I expected or what I’ve heard with ghost stories where the ghost is purposely scaring someone and is crazy and wants to kill and destroy. It was nothing like that. This ghost wasn’t trying to be seen.

After a few days, I spoke with a few guys a that worked two suites down from my office. I often spoke with them as they were in a similar type of marketing business. Low and behold, I wasn’t the only one with a creepy experience. Both guys I spoke with had a ghost experience as well in their office suite. They believe it’s the same one and that some guy was murdered somewhere around that office suite a long time back.


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