Idol Worship

Usually if someone says, “I believe in something that is invisible,” you’d think they’re crazy. But why is it not as crazy to some people if one bows down and worships a statue? It seems it’s very difficult to believe in something that we cannot see. We’re used to having relationships with people that exists, living, breathing, alive that we can hung, pinch or kiss. Some kiss statues, thinking that God is in the statue. Some feed their statue fruits or milk. It’s pretty sad. I’ll admit though, when I was catholic, I kissed a baby Jesus statue and thought that God was starring down at me smiling. Maybe he was, but now, I think, God was watching me, thinking…hey, I’m right here, not in the dead statue.

Well if it’s not a statue that is idolized, it can easily be something else, like money, power, a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, kid or ourselves. Pretty sure God didn’t create us to worship anything other than Himself. As the first commandment says in Exodus 20: 3, “You shall have no other gods before me.” What we idolize can become our God. Some boys make their girlfriend their world that if she breaks up with him, he kills himself, visa versa as well. It’s sad. Prayers to loved ones that have lost someone in that situation.

What I’m really trying to say is that the only one we should worship is God. Anything we worship on earth, we can loose. Think about it, people don’t live forever. Some dead objects can live longer than people, but they can never love you back.

Even though we don’t see God, he lives forever and when we leave our bodies, we will finally see Him face to face. It’s like never seeing your Father, but before you were born, He left a book of letters to you so you can get to know Him and you can get to know how much He loves you and where to find him when you leave this earth. Those love letters of His is also known as the Bible. It’s hard to believe that such a big God that created the universe has such a powerful undying love for us, that no matter what we do, He will always love us. Even more hard to believe is that God loves us so much that he sent His Son from heaven to become a human being for the very purpose…to die for our sins by getting crucified on a cross. There’s no greater love than laying down your life for the one you love so that he or she can live, sort of like taking a bullet.

John 3:16 says,”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Why would Jesus have to do that? Think of it this way, we have laws in our country that were written long ago. Imagine if there were no rules in this country and anyone can do anything they want to do. There would be chaos everywhere, people would not know when they’ve crossed the line. There would be no line. Rules help bring order along with those that enforce the law. If one breaks that law, they can serve many years or a life time sentence in prison. In comparison, for someone who’s no longer in their body, it’s either heaven or hell. The sad thing is, is that some of us put ourselves in our own prison, sometimes it shows when we keep repeating the same thing and find ourselves in the same situation over and over again as if we can’t break out of the box or prison.

God has already set the rules long ago and when people break the rules, they go to hell, but it’s impossible to not break the rules as we are so flawed and live in an earth full of corruption. So Jesus came down, sort of like our advocate to stand in our place. Punishment was coming for us like a bullet and Jesus took the bullet for us. Through that we can be set free. It starts with faith the size of a mustard seed. Faith to believe that God love you & when you finally believe, that’s all the love you need to get through the hardest times in life. He becomes your strength, foundation, counselor, healer, shelter and many other things. Just believe. He’s waiting for you to receive His unconditional & powerful love.

I pray that if this spoke to anyone, that they will reach out and receive God’s love and forgiveness, that they will never again feel unloved, forgotten, unimportant, insecure, not good enough and especially imprisoned by the mistakes that have been repeating in their life. I pray that they will reap the joy from worshiping the one and only true God and nothing else. I pray that God will set them free from the bondage in their life…in Jesus name.


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