Unidentified Flying Lights

After watching movies and hearing stories on the news about Aliens, I still didn’t believe. I thought people that believed in Aliens were weirdos and that it was all just made up.

My Pastor at church one time, told us a story about a man in the audience that stood up the entire service moving his hips back and forth. He spoke about how distracting it was for him but still he continued the service. When the service ended, the man came up to him and told him that he came to church to protect him from Aliens. He said that when Aliens are close by, he can feel it because he was abducted by them and they put a probe in his anus that acts like an antenna.

Others believe that aliens helped the Egyptians build the pyramids. I still don’t believe that. Just because there weren’t cranes back then, doesn’t mean that they weren’t creative enough to figure out ways of getting it done. The thought also followed the carvings on the wall of cone head leaders who were assumed to be aliens.

Whatever the case, I can’t say someone is making up stories. I know some people make up things to get attention, but who can know if someone did not get abducted? They might be telling the truth.

Personally, I never believed in Aliens or life outside of our galaxy. I just figured that the only life in the universe is on earth and all the other planets in our Milky Way or other galaxies in the universe are lifeless planets that can’t support life. Of course your science teacher won’t teach about aliens, they’ll make you believe that Earth is the only planet with life. Just thinking about it, there are over one-hundred billion galaxies in our universe so what are the chances that there is life on another planet from another galaxy?

Until one event happened when I twenty years old, my perspective changed. I went on long ride up a mountain, then a short hike up the hill and a brief climb up a rock and when I reached the top, I could see all the stars in the night sky. I was with a friend and his friends, about five of us. I think we got there closer to 9pm or 10pm. When we climbed to the top of the rock, there was space to comfortably sit and talk, but mostly to gaze at the stars. We were so high up, it felt like we were on an airplane. We could see all the stars in the sky and the city below us.

After sitting atop the rock talking for some time, we all started to notice the unusual movement of what looked like stars. Some were moving left to right, diagonally up and down or in circles. What threw us off were the lights that appeared to move closer to us. They kept getting closer, then they stopped and took off rapidly the other way and disappeared from sight. Basically, some lights were not following any pattern of movement. After a while, we decided it was time to leave before we get abducted. As were we leaving the rock, all of us agreed that life exists outside of earth.


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