Freedom & Corruption

If you live in California, most likely you’re a Democrat and if you live in the city, most likely you’re a liberal. Then there’s the oddball like myself, that out of everyone in the office, I’m the only Conservative. If you don’t hate Trump like everyone else, then you’re wrong and there’s something wrong with you. It’s expected that I’m supposed to see everything the way MSNBC or CNN tells the story. I’ve learned long ago that CNN is fake news. If I search for the word “news” on YouTube, MSNBC pops up, secondly, CNN. I have to type in the news channel I want for it to pop up.

I admit that if I were to the only watch MSNBC & CNN, I would seriously hate Trump and think he’s a complete fool, racist and believe that he has control over a virus. Most of the media is very biased and wants to steer people’s opinions.

Facebook and Twitter censor information. They delete it before many people can see it. They’re filtering what they want people to believe.

Fortunately, there’s other news out there that tell another side of each story and a unfiltered version of Trump.

The news blames Trump for the number of people killed by Covid, which is the stupidest thing. First of all, it’s a novel virus, in other words, “didn’t see it coming.” These type of viruses come every decade. Each state has their own mandates. Trump doesn’t mandate covid restrictions at every state, but people act like he’s supposed to have full control over the virus and believe that Biden would do a better job, but look at how he handled H1N1, not so good.

Even before Trump won in 2016, while he was running, I thought he was an egotistical, sexist man who was mean and enjoyed firing people. Okay so he still likes to fire people, but the more I watched and listened to him and the more I heard about the way other people that personally know him talked about him, my perspective started to change.

Yes, he’s like a loose canon sometimes or in other words he’s harshly blunt. He’s not politically correct and he probably doesn’t care about offending people or trying to look like a perfect guy. He’s a harshly blunt man who’s actions for the people speak louder than his words. Whereas, there’s the politically correct, despite the creepiness or not making any sense, Biden who seems like a nice guy. So sad that people would vote for someone because he’s seems nice an non-offensive or that he’s safe. Although, he seems nice, after all those years in the government, didn’t do much. He’s a nice but no actions man.

I’ve always trusted actions over words. There’s always the charming speaker but a snake on the inside. For someone to cheat to win an election, that person should never lead this nation. It’s a disgrace. Why else would he be in his basement instead of campaigning? Why else would they ask if Trump would leave peacefully? He knew he couldn’t beat Trump so he had to cheat and now there’s way too much evidence to deny it. This going to the Supreme Court and if proven guilty for cheating, why the heck would he be sworn in as President. We can’t shame our country and say it’s okay to cheat. Corrupt politicians need to start going to jail.

Biden is not for the people of this country. It would’ve been obvious after being in government for 47 years. He’s a puppet for the elite. Why else would they have been paying him hundred of millions of dollars to run against Trump, it’s for their own gain.

One of the very important things to think about is that Trump is pro life. Harris & Biden would allow late term abortion, even after birth. Hitler saw no value for the life of a Jew, in the same sense, abortion is in no regard for the life of the un-born that doesn’t have a voice to speak. Sacrificing babies was an occult ritual for some ancient tribes in South America. They would kill babies on an alter, sacrificing them to their false gods. Trump’s goal is to fully defund abortion. No tax payer should have funds taken off their paycheck to fund killing babies in the womb & Hollywood loves abortions. They feel that it makes them powerful and that it’s feminist to have a choice to kill. There’s nothing feminist about it. Women are to nurture not be cold-hearted killers or a life living inside of them. I admire any woman who would give their baby up for adoption rather than end its life. Now if you’ve already had an abortion, God can forgive you and I hope turn to be pro-life.

Trumps team, is fighting human trafficking, cracking down on criminals and drugs coming into our country by getting the wall built. There are many against him that want all that to come into our country. He protects the freedom of religion & the freedom to own a gun.

One of the biggest things is the fact that Trump wants to take power away from the government and give power to the people. Biden is supported by people who want a socialist government. They want government healthcare and to get rid of private healthcare, which means that if the government mandates chips for healthcare, we would be forced to get chipped. Same thing if they cause a recession and most people end up on unemployment, they can mandate a chip for purchases. A corrupt politician that can be moved by money for unethical purposes, should never lead, most especially, our nation.

I admire Trumps continuous getting up and going to work after all the utter disrespect that everyone has spoken against him, all the lies and mockery. I admire how he has not become a bitter angry person after what he’s had to go through.

Why does Twitter and Facebook block him? Why do most people in Hollywood hate him? Why is the media against him?

They’re not supporting Biden because he’s a nice guy or they think he could do a better job, he will support their agenda even if it’s unethical and will take away our freedom. Bill Gates wants to push a digital certificate for everyone to regulate covid cases, which could mean that we would all get chipped.

I’m glad that he cheated in the election with Trump because only Trump would be the type of person to not walk away from something that was so obviously rigged. This is not just revealing corruption in our country, this is about revealing corruption around the world. For someone to cheat in the election, it defies our democracy. It takes away everyone’s right to vote. If Trump got the majority of the votes that are valid, he won.

But regardless of the count, someone that cheats on an election should never lead our nation. It’s a shame to our nation, our freedom and our democracy.

I’m praying that this election will be over turned because this is about our freedom, honesty and dignity of our nation. I hope that corruption will be exposed and justice will be done to those involved.


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